Part 1 and 2

Reflective Journal




This is the finial outcome of what I have done in project one. In the picture you may see the chairs are placing in order, however I put one of the red chair in middle which is representing the person of me in the class with confident but afraid. This is a really great project of discovering myself and understand more about me and also I would like to share the person of me to the others. People might not know my names but I still want my works to let people getting more familiar of me and this is me - Sammy

Self Portrait Final Image


13 June 2018

A reflective Review 

One of my priority for improvement during Foundation Plus is to change the way of developing a sketchbook. In my previous project, all of my tutors told me what i needed in a sketch book was about the maturity of development. However , I took this as my wish for getting better in my project development and i really need a help from tutors during Foundation Plus.


I think the level of maturity development is a priority issue for me, and i believed that would change the person I am once I get used to. Always asking myself what have I done well and wrong could possibly for me to reflect myself and do better next time, as my teacher told us to think in dept. However , everything is just starting and I need some more time to well develop as a maturity person I am which not yet resolved for me in this stage.


For achieving the aim, I will list all the point for me to achieve

1. To write a full plan before I start doing things 

2. Review my progress

3. Work hard 

4. Avoid any procrastination

5. Listen to any suggestion



Reflection ( 15 June 2018 )


This is my second project in Foundation Plus, the topic is about celebrating Archway and for me my chosen location is St Gabriel of our lady Sottows church. 

In the beginning of doing the project, I went to the church right next to our school. I started looking around the church and to see what's in there and other surround the church. However, I found a few asset which interested me a lot which is the grass of the building, the rock outside of the building and the color of the door in church. After looking of that place, I started studying some religion story or information which might help me to understand some of the question that I might have.

After taking some picture, and now i will begin to collect some of the element which I got in that place and research the information and history of the church. Bible might needed when i doing the research.

Image of hand bag


Reflection ( 1 July 2018 )

Today I started making a really big hand bag for the project requirement. I went to a stitch workshop and asked my tutors a help for me with making a bag as a Fine art student this is my second times experimenting a art pieces with the fabric and i really wish that can be successed once i finished the project.

After finishing the hand bag, I asked Lucy to be my model and take a series of picture, the concept of making a hand bag is about Global warming. Global Warming is actually happening, lots and lots of people suffering in a very hot weather and the average of temperature is rising in year by year. Number of people are now worrying the future of our human being, and some of the day there might the end of the world. But for me, i would rather pick everything in a bag, food,clothing and entertainment thing etc to against the day coming, be ready picking up for end of the world. 

Outcome of Casket ( wood method) #3



This is my first time using wood to make something, and after making that I use spray to paint a casket in black color.



Reflection ( 4 July 2018 )

That picture I did in the photo shop which combined my casket art work into the picture of Art Basel. I placed the casket in the middle of the picture. This is my first time using the photo-shop so I asked my friend for help. I think photo-shop is the best way of edit the things more perfect and beautiful. Sometime, we might need the photo-shop for publishing the website and even that planning the issues.



Drawing practice 2 - Grandmother



This is my second day of finishing a final of the project, I used the same style of i did in yesterday which trying different movement and objects putting together, which I though that gave me a interesting layout work although that was just a random drawing without purpose, however, when I worked deep into the piece, I studied about the Australia History which is Aboriginal Cultural Art - Dream time story. Dream time story was the religion that Aboriginal in Australia they are believing, from the research I can see how aboriginal respect the the sun and land, those things inspired me a lot in my piece of art. I defined my work as you lots can see in the picture can be a landscape drawing or something more in a cultural. However, here was just a two days projects and I don't have a really strong base of history research in this project, next time if I got some more time and I would definatelly research more in cultural study or maybe to see others artist which have done this before. 




Today we started a new project called co-create, and we required to have a pair to work together and I'm so lucky to have Parker in my group and work together. To started with the project, we each brought 10 different things to school and to try working as a task. After doing the task of what teacher gave us, and we both started focusing on the project of co-create. The project of Co-Create is required a pair in different perspective to have a outcome. Me doing Fine Art and Parker is doing Fashion, although we are having a different perspective. We both were happy to work together and started having an idea though to the discussion that we have. We both are having 10 idea for our further development including making a photoshoot of fashion installation, Fashion factory installation and cheap item in collection etc...

12 July 2018

Today, we continued to work on the project, and we both brought 4-5 fabrics to experiment with. We had a really conversation for choosing a material, I suggested to have the soft fabric and easy to form shape, however, my partner suggested to have very clear and simple material. Although we had different  point of view, the solution had been solved once we had the same agreement. I think it’s really good to work with parter as we are having different pathway but still some discussion will be made. 

I also looked into the pattern of kilt, it’s fun to explore the detail in it, also we had a inspiration from yesterday museum in Central Saint Martins. However , I was trying to use chalk to copy some of the silk pattern on the chosen fabric. And I found that It’s interesting to see how the sample line placing together and form a pattern. 



18 July 2018

After finished my PechaKucha project, I think that was a really good experience to think about myself from my past to the future. Look at what I've done in my past and that's reminded me what is the purpose of doing art, what is the motivation of changing subject from History to Fine Art and also what is my future ambition will be. In my presentation I used friendly and relax way to talk about myself, I want people to get more familiar with me. After the finished the presentation, I've different feedback from the others including some positive feedback. If I got another chance of doing this, I will do it.

However, my tutor asked me to put a better quality next time and be more prepare and structure next time but so far that was a really good experience of doing this.



Reflection ( 13 June 2018 )

First day of school, we were asked to start a project. ''Self Portrait" is the title of the project we have and we only got three days to complete.

In the beginning of doing the project, I started thinking what element should I put with in my '' self portrait" photo shooting, however I put alone as my main element in the project. The reasons of putting ''alone'' in the project it just the feeling of me in the first day of school. However , I worked with classmate in a pair and we both were searching some perfect place for shooting.

I have to really  think about what i thought in yesterday and need to represent the picture.Also I have to work more about my personal feeling and let people know more about myself.

Experiment- Table covering my head


Experiment- ALONE


Crit Sheet

I'm part of the classroom, people can't really see my face in all of the picture I had, which just recorded the feeling of the day i first came in the class with a bit nervous and shy.

As you can see in the picture, I took a chair in the middle of studio, then I sit right on the chair. People might not see my face though to the picture, me either.  That  picture is just for me to record the feeling of that day, and I hope I can share the feeling with the others and that was the message which I want to communicate.




Experiment- Celebrating Archway


Reflection ( 16 June 2018 )

Today , I continue on my project which is St Gabriel of our lady Sottons church. I went back to the church and started collecting the small rock outside of the church near to the garden next to it. The reason of collecting the small little rocks it was because I studied the story inside of the bible and I defined every person in the world as a rocks. I collected lots of rock and ready for doing any further experiment and the outcome also. 

After collected the small rocks, I actually looked at every rocks in the bag and I found why was people usually define people as a rock, it is because rock has a different shape and colors which same as what we human are, no one are perfect. And this is what they said in the bible. 

Reflection ( 19 June 2018 )

I wanted the painted stone to represent the people with evil soul that I had been thinking about- I had thought a lot of mythology and religion. I collected a little stone from outside of the church. I used red paint to paint on every each of stone because these colors i associate with the religion with God, sign of holy spirit. I was not pleased with painting a colour on every each of little stone perfectly but when I look a bit more longer, I realised that no one are perfect which lead me to paint the stone not perfect.

Reflection ( 25 June 2018 )


Today we started a third project which called ''Hand Made''. In this project, our target is to making an outcomes by using hand made and tutors required us to work in different methods such as wood/ plastic, metal, stitch, print, film and words.


In the beginning of doing the project, I identify something that interested me in newspaper which is bodies found in melting ice. That's what I found in a newspaper and I will study some issues about it. However, I felt i can work easily in this project but I need information and history base before I look in deep of the projects. 


I have to really  think about what i have to work with, however, we all in the class did a quick task of thinking an idea of making an outcome and i roughly designed to do wood/plastic work shop , stitch work shop and metal work shop for my further outcomes. 

Reflection ( 29 June 2018 )

Today is my first day of workshop, I went to the casting workshop and made myself a own handmade's work. As you can see in the picture, i combined different object in one and placed it on the vacuum machine to form a mold and really for making a plastic object. The time that we waiting for plastic dried, we also made another concrete art piece by our hand made. These were what we taught in Casting workshop in the morning.


Outcome of concrete ( Casting method) #2


Reflection ( 1 July 2018 )

While the concrete is drying, I have been thinking how my piece of concrete work related to a issue of Global Warming. I defined my piece of concrete work can be a installation, however, I used some simple colors such as Blue and White to represent the piece of concrete as a ice cube, a non- melted ice cube. I want my art work can make audience to think of Global Warming and some related issues. 

The concept of the installation is about the Global Warming, which I used solid ( concrete) to remind people of melting ice and desiccation. One day there will run out of ice and temperature will be getting higher and higher until that time human being will no longer living. So now it's time to wake everyone up and remind them the consequence of Global Warming which I used concrete to make an installation of ice-cube which had a blue on the top representing the ice but in solid.


Process of Outcome





This task is required us to draw the picture in every single circle with the limit time, in the beginning of drawing I have no idea of what I am going to draw. However, I thought I can draw the direction in every circle in the required time.

Reflection ( 2 July 2018 )

I went to the wood and plastic workshop and asked my teacher for help making a casket together. The reason of making a casket for myself it is because of Global Warming. The average of temperature is rising in year by year. Some expert are saying that problem of Global warming can be solved, however, for me i think Global Warming can't be solved until the day coming ( The end of the world ). Before that day, I want to build a actual size of casket for me to live inside and wait for the day coming. I will define my work can be performance Art and installation work. 

Drawing practice 1- Landscape

IMG_9149 (1).jpg


Today we have asked for producing a 2 days project. Before the project started, we've seen a number of artists and their works and there was a artist inspired me a lot who called Matthew Barney. Matthew is an artists who works in different drawing tools and body position and that's gave me the inspiration for my further project development, also the following development tasks required us to work with the specific movement or objects. However, I think that was the good exercises for us to learn preparing for being a artist. Now, this is my first experiment piece by using the specific movement and object, the concept of this piece was about me seeing my grandmother changing cloth accidentally last year. My tutor asked us to explore the skills and do something, therefore, the image of my grandmother suddenly in my mind and i wished to reflect my feeling in my mind and how the drawing looks like by using number of skills.

10 July 2018

In the beginning of the agreement, we both discussed about the material using and the meaning behind of the outcome will be, however, we knew the decision might be changing for some point but we still want to explore something on plastic.  Plastic are having the feeling of tight, see - through and helpless, in the other hand which came up with the issues of models in fashion show treating as a meat. So we used plastic bag to represent the helpless, and we did some experiment of plastic covering the objects etc... I think we both worked really well by using a plastic bag, however, we both needed to be decided to work more deeper 

Thinking process


13 July 2018

The concept of this outcome is to show what representing me and Parker. In my country, China has 5 stars in the flag and Parker's country US has 50 stars in the flag also, therefore, we picked star as out starting point of the project. We decided to make a big star by the fabric before we chose that fabric, we had been experiment a lot on different fabric and we finally picked that one as we saw the dress in Saint Martin. And we also used the pattern we saw of the dress.In my opinion, I think we both worked really well in the concept even that we had the different discipline. However, the information or cultural behind of the outcome can be more. 


15 July 2018

Today we are ready too finish off on our final outcome, me and Parker were discussing about the composition of the outcomes look, although we had different view of point. However, Parker taught me some technique of stitching and allowed me to work some curving and twisting on the fabric surface. After doing we both were trying make some photo-shooting for the outcome and had a final discussion on the project. Parker was planning for tomorrow posing and how he going to dress. He said that he will paint a rough Tartan pattern on the dress and it will come up with the contrast between the outcome and the dress. 



Project Description


Fine Art and Creative Direction For Fashion



The object that inspired us was a 1987 John Galliano dress. We were inspired by the tartan print and abstract cut of the garment. Tartan represents family heritage, so we looked at our own cultures and realized that there are stars on both of our country’s flags. We fashioned a two-metre star out of traditional wool Milton with hand drawn paid prints in tailors chalk. The star was deconstructed and reformed into a dynamic abstract sculpture that represents our collaborative process. It then became a setting for a photoshoot that continues the exciting tone of our work.

Final outcome - Co- Create


Reflective Review

Thought out the course for a month and half, so far we finished a several projects, those of the projects are all giving me a really good practice for my BA course this year. To look deep in my several projects I can define my projects into different style, some of it was interesting and some of it were exciting and enjoyable. Celebrating Archway was on of the project that I think was exciting as that was my first longer project that I have  during the course and allowed to used any material to work with. However, there was a project challenged me a lot and that was co-create which I just finished with Parker. The reason why was that difficult it was because we both are having the different subjects background before we both were working together, also we both were having different style on view of point which cause us spending lots of time on discussing about to the finial outcome looks like, however, we both were happy to work together and he is a good listener to listen of all my idea that I said. I would like to work with him again if I got chance. From the Co Create project, I've learn to listen to the other, before that I'm not often listen to the other as an Fine Art student, however, he always brought his idea to the table and we both can together and discuss. Listen is always a good key to  success.Also, he taught me some of the information and skills of stitching and clothing which something that I wish to learn from a long time ago.

Apart of Co- Create project, the Celebrating Archway was one of the interesting projects that I would like to spent more time talking about, my chosen site was a church called ST Gabriel of our lady sottows right next to our Archway CSM campus. Although I'm atheist, I still research some useful information from the site, and also I read the story from the bible and i were using some of the concept and work into my outcome. However, studying more on the site that giving me a more curious on what Archway looks like and want to know more about how people think about in religion, these things allows me to find the inspiration or the true of itself.

Talking about the Pecha Kucha presentation, I think Pecha Kucha allowed me to think something about me in the past, my current and my future. To remind me what is the purpose of doing Art. My future ambition is to work as a teacher and teach in the university, my purpose of doing art is to share my experience to the others. And Pecha Kucha would give me a really good time to think about what I've done well and I haven't and let anyone to give me some feedback after that.

Installation is one of my way of me to create art, using some simple material to give a message on the object that I made therefore, I think that is one of the identify in my work from the course so far. So far I can see, my time management and others outcome were doing good right now and I got the idea of working which allowed me to easy handle it. As I said in the previous point, I'm the person that not easily to work with someone else, however, after the co-create project it let me to work with someone else and have a really good practice on working as a team or a group.